Top 5 Uses

1. The Kitchen


Our kitchens are places where we expect to be in control of what is happening. If you’re cooking, you make certain foods the way you like it. If you’re hunting for a snack, you’re going to choose the snack. If you’re talking to someone in your kitchen, you chose to invite them in. What you didn’t choose, however, is to invite flying insects to cook, clean or eat with you. Yet – they still show up, unannounced and uninvited. Primarily, because they want what you’re making. Our kitchens are sources of many attractive scents that not only attract everyone from your in-laws to your hungry teenagers, they attract annoying insects. So it is time that you fed them something different. Using Stycky Wyck in your Kitchen can provide a more attractive destination for insects who are lead to your kitchen for other reasons. Using Stycky Wyck as a distraction for these insects, will allow you to focus more on what you choose to do in your kitchen and not about which fly you must try to fend off next.


2. The Bedroom



Our bedrooms are places where we should be able to shield ourselves from the demands of the world and seek refuge after trying days. Even though we are living in a diverse and open society, insects really have no place in the bedrooms of North America. Yet they find their way in, time and time again.

This is where using Stycky Wyck can send a message. Many people choose to use Stycky Wyck in their Bedrooms. It provides a soft night light so you can see your way around if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night. It also attracts various insects and it is great to reduce the amount of mosquito bites you get over the summer months. So don’t be afraid to open your window, Stycky Wyck has your back!


3. The Bathroom


We like to keep our bathrooms clean (at least most of us do).  Our bathrooms share a very close relationship with us and we’d like to keep it that way. When you choose to use your bathroom, you should be able to use it without being bothered by pesky bugs. However, with the moisture coming from our bathtub, toilets and sink, the atmosphere is right for bugs that love water – and that’s always going to be the environment present in the bathroom. There are a few things you can do to prevent these bugs from coming around.


1. Clean your bathroom regularly of course.

2. Keep your drains clean and free of any build up/hair etc.

3. Plug in a Styky Wyck Bug Catcher and Night Light


Yes, that’s right, a Stycky Wyck Bug Catcher in the bathroom can give bugs something else to focus on while you get your business done. Another plus to this is that when it gets dark at night, Stycky Wyck also becomes a Nightlight. So you can see your way around the bathroom whether you hit the light switch or not.

4. Cottage & RV's


You work hard, day in and day out. You’re always giving your all to your craft but sometimes you need to get away from it all and take some time to recharge. For some, heading up to the cottage, hopping in the RV or going camping can be the solution. This would be your chance to get away from the hustle of everyday life and slow down while being among the elements. But what you experience in the great outdoors, doesn’t have to follow you inside.

RV’s for instance, sometimes experience a number of internal condensation issues and where there is moisture, there may be breeding grounds for insects, especially in dark, shaded areas inside the RV. With cottage life, there are some areas that don’t have weekly garbage pickup. So when its hot in the summer and you’ve got a few bags of garbage still around the cottage, fruit flies may gather or appear. There are many other reasons why mosquito’s and flies may be attracted to you, including the fact that you may be grilling often or may have open sauces or beverages around. But that’s no reason to be sad or to stop living your life the way you want to live it.

Many people have chosen to install a Stycky Wyck Bug Catcher inside their RV, Cottage or trailer – and it has made a world of a difference. Stycky Wyck has the ability to attract various insects and trap them. In the night, the unit lights up to help provide you with just enough light to help you see when all the lights are off, but not so much that it disrupts your sleep. Changing the adhesive insert is easy. You can choose to do that every month or whenever the insert is filled up with the insects that bug you. So enjoy your time away from everything and let Stycky Wyck do the rest!

5. The Office



Our offices can be places where we really don’t expect to see many insects at all. After all, they have cleaning services very often and they aren’t places of high abnormal activity. But still, you’ve noticed flies or maybe mosquitoes. It’s not against the rules to take matters into your own hands. Your cubicle or office is your space. Many people have used Stycky Wyck in their office space and the results are quite surprising. In places where insects were not that apparent, after a few weeks of being plugged in, the device captured many insects! So don’t be distracted with annoying flies, plug in a Stycky Wyck and forget about it!