How it Works


Safe for your home and family, the Stycky Wyck UV Bug Catcher / LED Night Light provides safe UV light that attracts various insects and traps them on proven adhesive inserts.

As a Bug Catcher:

1. Peel off the backing of the Adhesive Insert.

2. Fold the insert along the fold lines.

3. Place the insert into the Bug Catcher.

4. Plug into a power outlet.


As a Night light:

The sensor on the front of the plugged in Stycky Wyck unit will detect when it is dark in the room and automatically switch the LED Night light on. When the area is bright again either by sunlight or if your room lights are on, the LED Nightlight will switch off. The UV light will always remain on.

So even when you’re not thinking about it, your Stycky Wyck UV Bug Catcher will always be working. Check the adhesive insert to ensure it is clear of any bugs, monthly. When it fills up, replace the insert with a new one.